Clipboard with Apply for Work Permit

July Student Work Permits

Print the Student Work Permit Application (form B1-1)

Have employer fill out the Employer Section

Parents fill out the Parental Section 

Students fill in Minor Information/School Information, please note, your social security number is NOT required 

**Before heading to the District Office please make sure all sections are filled out**

***Students MUST BE PRESENT to obtain a work permit, your parent cannot pick it up for  you***

Work Permit Hours:  Monday - Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm to have official work permit issued

Location:  District Office - 462 Johnson St. Sebastopol CA 95472

Phone: 707-824-6418 (Paula Dillon) 

Work permits will expire on 8/31/21. 

 If you will continue to work after that date, you will need to contact the school site to issue another work permit.