Tests and Books with School Consolidation

The Feasibility and Operations Study examines the option of consolidating our high schools onto one main campus as a way to address declining enrollment and budget challenges while continuing to offer quality programs for our students. At their meeting on Oct 7, 2020, the Board of Trustees heard the initial findings of the study.  A recording of that meeting and our Town Hall Meeting on Oct 23, 2020 can be found on the District's YouTube Channel, along with the recordings,  I am providing links to the 10-7-20 power point presentation, and 10-23-20 power point presentation.   A summary of the findings is presented below.

The initial feasibility study conducted by QKA Architects shows that all students in the District (approximately 1800 students) could be housed on one of our 2 comprehensive campuses.  Consultants presented both the scenario of moving El Molino students to the Analy campus and moving Analy/ Laguna and the District Office to the El Molino campus. The study shows 3 different scenarios:

  • Minimum Capacity– This scenario would install portables on campuses to achieve the necessary classroom space for all 1800 students.
    • Analy campus - estimated $200,000
    • El Molino campus - estimated $5.5 Million 
  • CDE recommendations – This scenario would remove portables and create classroom spaces that achieve the CDE recommended standards for classroom size
    • Analy campus - estimated $92 million
    • El Molino campus - estimated $95 million
  • District criteria – This scenario would create spaces for program requirements specific to student choice and needs.
    • Analy campus - estimated $195 million
    • El Molino campus - estimated $186 million

Also at this initial meeting, Axia Architects presented information about the process for converting the Laguna High School and District office campuses into a possible workforce housing site.  It was noted that the process outlined would also apply to both the Analy or El Molino school sites.  The process would take a minimum of 14 months to complete the entitlement process alone.

The last presentation was from the District legal consultant.  In his presentation he outlined the process for sale or lease of vacant properties.  He clarified that it is the School Board that makes the decision to consolidate schools.  A 7-11 committee then determines if the property is declared surplus and makes that recommendation to the School Board.

Based on this information and additional information provided by the District consultants and District Staff, the School Board will be making 2 important decisions:

  • Should the District consolidate school campuses onto one campus?
  • If consolidation is approved, which campus will be consolidated?  And what is the timeline for consolidation?

The Board of Trustees is seeking community input on these decisions and has scheduled Town Hall meetings:  Wednesday, Oct 28 and Wednesday, Nov 4. 


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