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      Laptops,         Yearbooks,              & Spirit Packs                OH My!!!

Please complete the  2020/21 SCHOOL YEAR MEAL APPLICATION or (Online app)  prior to October 1, 2020.  We urgently need your help today! 

Data collected from this form assists with supplemental funding for school sites and classroom programs such as counseling services, summer school, and English Learner curriculum and staffing, Safe School Ambassadors and Restorative Practices.

Completed applications enter your student(s) in a raffle for a laptop, yearbook, or spirit pack regardless of eligibility status. Students who have already submitted applications will be added to the raffle.  There is no need to resubmit. 

This information on the Meal Application form is confidential and is reported by percentages based on household earnings category to the State. Names, addresses, and actual earnings will not be shared beyond what is submitted to the District Food and Nutrition Service Department. 


1 laptop per school site

School Yearbooks

1 Spirit Pack from each school site

1 box Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

2 boxes of Outshine Fruit Bars