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Student Email Address

Email address should be: first letter first name, four digits of last name and last three of your student ID

Example: (do not use also do not combine both)

Student Password if you have not logged in after 5pm yesterday

Password: same as the front of your email with the year you are graduating (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

Example: jbrun4262021

Chromebook Access

  • Login with email address; if you Chromebook says you can key over this and type in your email address, always try twice. 
  • Type in password – use the one you created and or the reset password above. 
  • It takes a minute for everything to load. 
  • If you get an error that states, you are in the wrong domain – try to log off of your wifi and log back in; some of the Chromebook might need an update and it might take a few minutes for this to happen. 
  • From here you should be able to login to your email.  If you can’t please email us at describe your problem, send a screen shot if you can and don’t forget to tell us who you are. 

Aeries Access After you login to email. 

  • Go to :
  • If you cannot remember your password, click forgot password
  • You will be sent an email, that email will include a link, click the link.  This will reset your password. 
  • If you get an error, try to reset it again, but make sure you use the new email link that is sent to you. 

If these steps do not work, then email us at; we have several staff responding to emails and assisting students with access.   Almost every time we are able to help students when they follow these instructions.  Only on a few occasions are students not able to access their accounts.