Picture of Envelope with Student Email Instruction Typed

Dear WSCUHSD Students and Families,

We have successfully resolved the issues with student email accounts. In the event your student does not know the address for their school-provided email account here is how you can determine what it is:

Student Email Example

[first letter of first name][first 4 letters of last name][last 3 numbers of student ID number]@wscuhsd.org

If the student name is Jane Smith and the last three numbers of her student ID number were 19456843456 then she would have the following email address:


In order to resolve the issues with student emails we had to create a temporary password for every student in the district. The temporary password for each student is unique and comprised of the following information:

Student Temporary Password Example

[first letter of first name] [first 4 letters of last name][last 3 numbers of student ID #] [the full year the student will graduate in]


When a student uses their temporary password to login to their school email account they will immediately be required to create a new password. The temporary password that was created for them will no longer be usable after that.

Student Login Issues with Aeries

Students accounts should sync to Aeries, the aeries portal can be found at the bottom of the school websites or here at: https://portal.wscuhsd.org/aeries.net/parent  If the portal does not recognize your password please select “forgot password” now that your new email is active, you “should” receive an email at your new email address with a link to reset your Aeries login.   

If this did not resolve your email access, please contact us at:  info@wscuhsd.org 

We apologize for the inconvenience that these problems caused and would like to thank you all for being patient with us while we worked towards a resolution. 

Thank you,

The WSCUHSD Technology Department