Analy staff dancing on football field

Analy students started their first day of school on Wednesday, August 16, and were greeted, per tradition, with a welcome back dance from staff and a greeting from each member of our new administration. 

"Here's what I wish for you today," Chuck Wade, our new principal, said as he addressed our students, "For you to find your place here." He told students that when it comes time for them to leave high school, he hopes they feel prepared for the real world. 

The Press Democrat article also states that our new administration sat down and discussed our current systems and structures in preparation for the new school year. They deemed that many of our existing structures work well and that they aim to add to these structures rather than reconfigure them. 

One of the admins' first activities was to discuss their values and choose their areas of responsibility based on their moral imperative. Wade, formally the director of College and Career Readiness for the Sonoma County Office of Education, expressed his desire to focus on career technical education. Gianna De Pesiis Vona, one of our vice principals who previously was a teacher at Laguna high school and assisted their principal, is looking to prioritize wellness on campus this year. WhileTrish Delzell, who has a background in special education, will be our admin overseeing the special education department. 

Read the full article "Analy High students start first day with new principal, vice principals" from the Press Democrat.