Bond Program Updates

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The West County community has been extremely supportive of facilities bond measures for the West County Union High School District. Most recently the community passed Measure A in June 2018 for $91,000,000 to update our aging facilities.

WSCUHSD Board of Education along with District Administration are committed to improving our school facilities. The modernization of facilities will create spaces that support our educational programs and improve the learning and teaching experience for both students and staff. Prioritizing, increased indoor air quality, improved lighting, improved classroom acoustics, and adding in updated technology are a few of the upgrades the District will be working towards.

We are excited to work with our Educational Partners (students, staff, teachers, parents and community) as we develop our projects going forward.


Measure A Prioritized Projects and Status

New Construction & Modernization Projects

AA27 - Analy Main Building HVAC Upgrade Project ***

AA28 - Analy Small Gym, Weight Room & L Classrooms HVAC & Roofing Project **

AA29 - Analy Cafeteria Roofing & Shade Structure Project **

AA30 - Analy Woodshop Building HVAC & Roofing/Windows Project **

AA31 - Analy Main Gym HVAC and Roofing Project **

AA32 - Analy East Wing HVAC and Roofing Project**

All of the above projects have gone through the Lease Lease Back Process, the District has selected WRIGHT CONTRACTING INC for these projects and is actively bidding project AA27 for construction this summer 2024. The other projects we are awaiting DSA approval.

AA33 - District Wide Door and Security Lock Upgrade Project *

AA36 - Analy NEW CTE Classroom Building Project*

AA38 - Analy Temporary Housing (Portables) Project *

AA40 - Laguna HS Bldg F - HVAC & Roof Replacement Project *

AA41 - Laguna HS Gym - Boiler & HVAC Replacement Project*

AA42 - Analy HS Sunset/Taft Pedestrian Improvement Project (Joint Effort with City of Sebastopol) *

AA43 - Analy HS Stadium Field and Visitor Bleacher Project *

AA44 - Analy HS Main Gym Modernization Project *

AA45 - Analy East Wing and L1/L2 Classroom Modernization Project*

AA46 - Analy Cafe/Kitchen Modernization Project*

Projects AA43, AA44, AA45 and AA46 are in schematic design; staff will present to the Board the phased plans for these projects in June 2024.

Project Status

All projects listed have been approved by the Board as Measure A facilities priorities. Each project is in various stages of design, bidding, and or construction. Click HERE to view the detailed status of each project, this document is presented monthly to the Board at their regularly scheduled board meetings.

* = Project is in design with architect or consultants

** = Project has been submitted to the permit authority The Division of State Architect - project is awaiting permit approval

***= Active Construction Project and or in Bidding Process

Completed Projects

AA01 - El Molino Performing Arts Center Phase 2 Project

AA03 - District Wide Energy Improvements Project (Prop 39)

AA06 - El Molino Performing Arts Center Phase 1 Project

AA07 - District Wide Phone Upgrade Project

AA09 - District Wide Security Camera Upgrade

AA10 - District Wide Furniture Upgrade Project

AA12 - Analy Clock Bell and Public Address Upgrade Project

AA14 - El Molino Greenhouse Project

AA15 - Analy Main Building Admin, Portable Ag 3, Student Services Center 4, 5, 6 and 7 Roofing Project

AA15 - Forestville Library Roof Replacement Project

AA18 - District Wide Wireless Access Points Project

AA19 - District Wide Network Switches Upgrade Project

AA22 - District Wide Technology Infrastructure Upgrade Project

AA25 - District Wide Technology Upgrade Project

AA34 - Analy Main Building Skylight Replacement Project

AA37 - Forestville Building C HVAC/Roof Replacement Project

AA39 - 2023 Summer Maintenance/Repairs Projects

  • AHS - L1/L2 Chalkboard Replacement - completed

  • AHS - Art 1 Rollup Door Removal - completed

  • AHS - Forestville Weight Rm Storm - completed

  • AHS - Main Bldg Flooring Project - complete

  • Laguna - Carpet Replacement (6 classrooms) - complete

Bond Presentations

District administration has provided the Board presentations over the years regarding the facilities accross the District. Those presentations can be found HERE.