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Join us at 6:00 pm tonight

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Good afternoon parents and students,

This is an important announcement regarding Analy and El Molino's distance learning schedule.

In order to comply with recent guidance from the state, we have had to update our distance learning schedule making slight changes to class period start and end times.

Here is the updated Student Distance Learning Schedule. This updated schedule will begin this coming Monday, August 31st.

We apologize for the late notice. During this time, we are receiving weekly updates from the State.

Please contact your school site if you have questions or concerns.

Toni L Beal, M.A.Superintendent

Good afternoon parents and students,

This is an important announcement regarding Analy and El Molino's distance learning schedule.

In order to comply with recent guidance from the state, we have had to update our distance learning schedule making slight changes to class period start and end times.

Here is the updated Student Distance Learning Schedule. This updated schedule will begin this coming Monday, August 31st.

We apologize for the late notice. During this time, we are receiving weekly updates from the State.

Please contact your school site if you have questions or concerns.

Toni L Beal, M.A.Superintendent

To WSCUHSD Parents and Students,
This email contains important information about the reopening of our schools as well as a required Instructional Model Survey ENGLISH or Instructional Model Survey SPANISH for parents and students.At their meeting on Wednesday, July 8, the WSCUHSD Board of Trustees approved a plan for reopening our schools. The plan for reopening includes:

  • All students will begin school in the Distance learning model.

  • During the first 4 weeks of school, the District will receive health and safety updates from the Sonoma County Public Health Officer.

  • By September 8, the District will review the current health and safety guidelines established by the State and the Sonoma County Public Health Officer. If schools can safely abide by the health and safety guidelines outlined at that time, the District will begin the hybrid model of instruction as an additional instructional option for students and parents.

The Proposed Timeline

August 4 - 7:

Sites will arrange for students to

  • Complete any needed registration paperwork

  • Receive class schedules

  • Have school photos taken

  • Pick up Chromebooks - Each student will be issued their own Chromebook device for use throughout the school year.

  • Pick up/drop off any other school materials

Site specific schedules and information will be sent in the coming weeks.

August 10 - 12: District, site and staff work days

August 13 & 14:

  • Students will complete orientations on health and safety protocols, guidelines for technology platforms and complete or check in on their 4 year graduation plans.

  • Online training will be offered to all parents on technology and learning platforms.

August 17 - 21 :

  • Students will complete online learning focused on orientation to class expectations, assignments, and assessments specific to each of their classes.

  • Online training will continue to be offered to all parents on technology and learning platforms

August 24 - Sept 4:

September 8:

  • The District will review the current health and safety guidelines established by the Sonoma County Public Health Officer. If schools can safely abide by the health and safety guidelines outlined at that time, the District will begin the hybrid model of instruction as an additional instructional option for students and parents.

Schedule Options for Students

Distance Learning Model
The Draft Plan for Reopening Schools outlines a comprehensive plan for implementing distance learning. This plan differs significantly from the distance learning model that was implemented at the end of the 19-20 school year. These changes are based on feedback from students, parents and school staff. The program is being designed to build a community of online learners and deliver rigorous online curriculum. Classroom teachers will be delivering daily live learning opportunities for all students.
Per state guidelines, Distance Learning models are required to include 240 minutes of instruction each day for comprehensive high schools and 180 minutes of instruction each day for continuation high schools.

Here is the proposed Distance Learning Schedule.
Hybrid Schedule
A hybrid schedule would allow for smaller groups of students to return to school for periods of time understanding that there will be changing conditions throughout the year. Online components will be carefully incorporated to meet essential standards. Possible hybrid models are limited by the current public health and safety regulations. Because the current model requires 6 feet between desks in each classroom, the number of desks is limited by the size of each classroom. This determines the number of students that can be on the campus at any one time.
The Hybrid Schedule Models outline 2 possible scenarios. Model 1 divides students into 3 groups with desks 6 feet apart. Model 2 divides students into 2 groups, with desks 4 feet apart. PLEASE NOTE: All hybrid models of instruction will require that students and staff follow all personal protective equipment guidelines, including required face coverings, temperature taking, and social distancing requirements.
To maintain an ability to move between a hybrid and distance learning model of instruction, the distance learning and hybrid models of instruction are very similar. The Wednesday distance learning day allows for cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms between cohort groups.
(Note: Laguna is proposing a 4 X 4 block model for both their hybrid and distance learning schedules. At this time, the proposal is for all Consortium classes to follow the schedules proposed by their resident school sites. More specific information on these programs will be coming in a separate communication from individual teachers and administrators)

Independent Study
We will also continue to offer our Independent Study program. This program is completely online, utilizing the Edmentum Courseware curriculum. Students will check in with teacher supervisors one time a week to receive feedback on their progress. Enrollment in this program is limited per Education Code guidelines.
Here is a summary of the 3 learning options:
IMPORTANT: We are asking each parent/student to complete this Instructional Model Survey ENGLISH or Instructional Model Survey SPANISH to indicate their preferred model of instruction for the first semester of the school year. We are asking parents and students to commit to this model of instruction for the full semester. The information from this survey will assist us in determining what hybrid model would work best for those students that choose to come to the school site. The assumption is that we will be moving to a hybrid option for instruction as early as September 8 should health and safety conditions allow.
Please note: The District's ability to offer a hybrid model of instruction will be subject to modification based on the guidelines issued by the State and the Sonoma County Public Health Officer.
Thank you in advance for your help and understanding. We are certainly in unprecedented times. The start of this school year will be like no other we have ever experienced before. We remain committed to providing the best learning environment for all of our students and families.

Para la versión en español de este correo electrónico por favor haga clic aquí

Toni Beal
West Sonoma County Union High School District

Good afternoon WSCUHSD community,

I have included a link to the copy of our DRAFT Plan for Reopening Schools LinkThe plan explains necessary protocols and outlines possible schedules to allow for the ever changing conditions that we find ourselves in with COVID-19.

The recommendations and conversation with the public on implementation of the plan will happen at the School Board Meeting, tonight at 6:00 at this link: ZOOM BOARD MEETING LINK

We look forward to your input and conversation.

Stay safe and healthy,

Toni L Beal, M.A.



Good afternoon WSCUHSD students and parents,

The purpose of this email is to update you on our District plans for reopening our schools this August.

Over the last month, several committees have been meeting to assess the current public health situation, investigate different scenarios for reopening schools and weigh costs and benefits of each option

  • Teacher work group

  • Technology committee

  • Health and safety team

  • Leadership team

In addition, we have surveyed staff, students and parents.

While we know that the best place for our students is in the classroom with our teachers and staff, public health requirements severely limit our ability to provide for a safe environment for both students and staff. Based on this assessment, the Board of Trustees will hold a Special Board meeting this coming Wednesday, July 8 beginning at 6:00 pm to discuss a reopening plan for August. The Board will be considering a recommendation from District staff to begin school in August in a full distance learning mode. The Board will be discussing if it would be in the district's best interest to commit to a specified length of time in distance learning (for example one semester commitment) or remain flexible and able to move to a hybrid model of instruction should conditions improve throughout the fall.

Based on Board discussion and action, the District will be following up with more specific plans later next week which will include a proposed schedule, technology tools, and training plans to support both distance learning and possible hybrid mode of instruction.

A link for the Board meeting will be posted on the District website.

Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support during these unprecedented times.

Stay safe and healthy,

Toni L Beal, M.A. Superintendent

PDF Link to this Letter

If you are not receiving site/district communication please contact:


Dear Families,

Although it seems like the school year just ended, the 2020-2021 school year begins in
less than 60 days on August 13th. As you can imagine, our return to school will be like
no other year, and planning for such a year is an incredible undertaking. We know
there is immense worry on the part of parents, students, and staff related to health and
safety on campus, as well as the need to provide the high-quality teaching and learning
experience West Sonoma County Union High School District is known for.

This message provides an update on the process we are utilizing to develop clear
guidelines for return to school as well as flexible options that meet the needs of our


We are utilizing a variety of resources to inform our discussions and decisions

  • State of California guidance (Resilience Roadmap)

  • California Department of Education guidance (Stronger Together guide)

  • Sonoma County Public Health Services guidance (SoCo Emergency)

  • Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE: Map to Safe Reopening)

  • Feedback from staff and community

    • Results from our May survey to students, parents and staff

    • Committee feedback and direction for this work: Teacher Work Group, Leadership Work Group, Teacher and classified employee negotiations teams, Partner District Superintendents, Sonoma County Superintendents

  • Plans from other School Districts outside of County and State

Our focus is on determining the best scenario to provide

  • Adherence to public health guidelines

  • Optimal learning opportunities for all students

  • Support for our most in need students

  • Safety of staff and students

  • Social emotional support for student needs

In developing guidelines focused on safety, hygiene, logistics, and operations, we have the following goals:

  • Decrease COVID -19 from entering campus (required temperature and symptom screening, remain at home if sick).

  • Decrease COVID-19 transmission among staff and students per the state guidelines issued (limited capacity in classrooms, mask use while inside buildings, frequent hand washing, and cleaning, increased time spent outdoors) as well as guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Identify COVID-19 cases in a timely manner, contact trace, and isolate and inform possibly infected students to limit the impact.

  • Provide resources for parents, students, and staff on protocols for reopening safely

WSCUHSD has been working in preparation to ensure safe and clean campuses. We are:

  • Placing free standing hand sanitizer stations throughout all campuses

  • Installing hand sanitizer dispensers in all classrooms and common areas

  • Obtaining non-contact thermometers for daily temperature checks for all students and staff upon arrival

  • Placing signage throughout campuses to mark 6 ft distance in areas where students congregate

  • Procuring additional surgical masks for students and staff. (Staff and students will be asked to bring their own masks that cover both their nose and mouth)

  • Complying with all recommendations for increased air flow both passive and non-passive

  • Continuing to replace HVAC filters and clean ducts regularly.

  • Updating our cleaning protocols and procedures for proper sanitization of all equipment, furniture and facilities for custodial, teachers, and other staff members.

  • Establishing medical protocols for school healthcare workers

What we will be asking of staff/students:

  • Students/Staff will be expected to follow the most current guidelines from the Sonoma County Public Health Department on mask use.

  • Temperature/Symptom health screening checks for students and staff will be administered daily prior to coming onto campus. We will follow the most current guidelines from Sonoma County Public Health. Students who have a temperature or who do not pass the health screening will not be able to attend in-person school that day and will need to get a COVID19 test showing negative before returning to in-person school. Students out of school will join the Distance Learning group during this time.

Our priorities are to have students on campus as much as possible while still complying with the required safety guidelines and still allow options for students and families based on comfort with safety protocols. With fall health and safety guidelines currently unknown and the health situation potentially changing rapidly during the school year, we are developing multiple scenarios that allow our schools to adjust during the year as the guidelines get more or less restrictive.

Return to School Options
Results from our parent and student surveys sent in May show that parents and
students are divided on preferences in school models for the start of the school year.


  • Distance Learning 14%

  • Hybrid Schedule 23%

  • Traditional 41%

Current/Incoming Parents

  • Distance Learning 11% (12%)

  • Hybrid Schedule 41% (41%)

  • Traditional 39% (43%)

Although a majority of families would prefer a full return to school, the guidance released by state and county health officials does not allow a return to campus at 100% capacity at this time. Based on this data, along with recommendations from theCalifornia Department of Education, the CDC, Sonoma County Public Health, we have identified the following options to meet the needs of our families. The goal is to design a model that has a greater chance of success by limiting contacts and hence the spread of COVID-19.

Option 1: A return to school that allows for social distancing in classrooms.

In this model, students will be on campus one to two days each week. Students will participate in varied amounts of synchronous and asynchronous learning when they are off-campus.

  • We are exploring the use of various technology tools to enhance the instructional experience for students who are not in class.

  • Smaller groups will give teachers the opportunity to build relationships with students and provide focused instruction.

  • This hybrid schedule will allow for a safe return to school while focusing on the social-emotional needs of students and uninterrupted access to instruction.

  • We will make every effort to coordinate families with multiple siblings to be on the same schedules.

  • Additional days will be designated as work time for students and staff and allow deep cleaning of the schools.

  • This schedule will be nimble and flexible; allowing us to quickly transition into full capacity on-campus learning if that becomes safe or full Distance Learning should that be required.

This model will allow for required social distancing in classrooms and other learning activities, temperature and health-checks, and for better supervision of the students to enforce the social-distancing rules. This will also limit the number of students that will be in contact with each other and simplify contact-tracing in the event of a positive case of COVID-19 in a student or staff member.

Option 2: A full Distance Learning program for students who will not return to campus.

We are still studying the details that will allow students to attend school through a Distance Learning model. In this model, students will participate in varied amounts of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Feedback from the Distance Learning Survey is being used to make our Distance Learning model more effective and meet the needs of families and staff.

Option 3: The Independent model will also be offered to families.

Independent Study is a program where students work primarily on their own, through a completely online standards based program, with one hour per week spent with their teacher (can be in person or videoconference).

The models are designed to be flexible, allowing for more or less in-school learning depending on how conditions change over the course of the school year. While COVID-19 is the reason for the current distance learning model, fires, power outages and floods could require temporary school closures and the need to shift to distance learning.

One of our primary concerns is to meet the social-emotional needs of students and staff while continuing to educate students. This is accomplished by building teacher- student and student-student relationships. We are also gathering resources for families to help with a smooth return to school. Whether we are on campus or in Distance Learning, we will focus our work on ensuring students feel connected to school, staff, and peers.


In conjunction with California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and other League
schools, we are making preparations for a return to limited athletic activities beginning
as early as next week. Student-athletes and families will receive information about the
sports clearance process, including physical exams. More specific information will be
provided by individual coaches and school site athletic directors.


We have developed the following timeline for further development of our reopening
plans, informing parents and staff and gaining further feedback from our community:

  • June 17th: School Board approves the District’s 2020-21 budget and reviews 2020-21 reopening plans

  • June 22-30: Leadership Team will review proposed plans from Teacher Work group and other committees, along with surveys and updates from Public Health Department to determine best scenario for start of school.

  • July 3: Notify staff and families of preliminary plans for reopening school

  • Week of July 13th: Resurvey families and staff to determine preferences

  • July 27th: Confirm scenario for the beginning of the school year with families

  • Aug. 13th: First day of school

  • Sept 8: Possible shifting of scenarios based on feedback and updated requirements from the Public Health Department.

NOTE: Conditions related to COVID-19 are likely to change throughout the summer. These plans are based on what we know as of this week (6-19-2020).

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through
these uncharted waters.


Toni Beal,


Our District is developing a Portrait of a Graduate that will define the qualities and skills that we want all of our WSCUHSD graduates to demonstrate upon graduation from our schools. This Portrait will guide our work as a District as we move forward together to continue to create learning environments where all our students can be successful. Our goal is to have all surveys completed prior to the Winter Break so that we can present results to our School Board in January.

Please complete the survey by clicking this link: Portrait of a Graduate Survey


Dear Parents,

As you may know, the West Sonoma County Union High School District is experiencing budget issues and must develop a Fiscal Recovery Plan during the 2019-20 school year. We are looking at all areas of the budget for potential savings as part of this process. One area identified for reductions and possible revenue is home to school transportation. We are writing to you today to alert you to changes that will be coming in our home to school transportation program beginning in August.

On June 26, the WSCUHSD School Board approved the reinstatement of transportation fees. Beginning in August, students who ride the bus will be charged a fee, with qualifying students receiving free or reduced rates. For fee information and an application, please see bus passes on the West County Transportation Agency website and scroll to the bottom of the page to our school district information.

Another important change in transportation service will be the reduction in some of our current routes. The routes affected by these changes include the routes to Fort Ross, Cazadero and Bodega. While these routes will still exist, the pick up and drop off points will be changed. For new pick up and drop off points for all routes, please see updated bus routes on the West County Transportation Agency website.

In addition, the school to home bus for Laguna students will no longer be offered. (The home to school bus to Laguna will continue to operate.) We will be working with the County transportation department to provide passes for any Laguna student who uses the bus to return home from Laguna.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause. We thank you for your understanding as we continue through our budget reduction process.


Toni Beal