Are you interested in attending Analy High School?

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If you are a current 8th grader interested in attending Analy High School, please fill out this form. By filing out this form, we will enter your information into our system to be contacted with enrollment papers and the information needed for incoming students. **This will begin in the spring of 2024.

If you are a current 9th - 12th grade student interested in coming to Analy High School, please reach out to our registrar.

Nancy Siebert

**If you attend one of these schools, there is no need to fill out the form ; Brook Haven, Forestville, Fort Ross, Guerneville, Hillcrest, Monte Rio, Montgomery Middle, Salmon Creek, Twin Hills.


*Note - If you attend Willowside and do not live in the West Sonoma County Union High School District, but plan on attending Analy High School, you will need to fill out the form. Link to form

The Incoming 9th Grade Experience

Will be the week of January 29th-February 2nd.

**If you attend Sunridge, Sebastopol Charter, Salmon Creek, or from out of district, please contact Sandra Jones @ 824-2319 to sign-up for the 9th grade experience. All other feeder schools will be bussed to the event.

Students will have the opportunity to visit Analy High School, take a tour of the school in small groups with student leaders, visit classrooms, see some of the programs we have to offer and receive a presentation from our counselors about how to select courses for next year. At the end of the visitation day, all students will receive an informational folder with all of the paperwork needed to complete the enrollment process and officially sign up for classes.  

Click below for Incoming 9th Experience Information:

Brook Haven
Fort Ross
Monte Rio
Salmon Creek
Sebastopol Charter
Twin Hills