CTE is a multi-year sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to post-secondary education and careers. To be considered a pathway, a school must have two consecutive CTE courses that build upon each other.

Here at Analy, we have 14 CTE pathways in over seven CTE industries!


Agriculture and Natural Resources Pathways

We have four pathways in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Industry:

Agriscience (SRJC Articulated)

  • Sustainable AG Biology

  • Chemistry in Agriscience

  • Advanced Sustainable AG

Plant and Soil Science

  • Introduction to AG

  • Farm to Table

  • Viticulture

AG Mechanics

  • Introduction to AG

  • AG Mechanics 1

  • AG Mechanics 2

AG Business

  • Introduction to AG

  • AG Business

  • AG Econ and Gov

Arts Media and Entertainment Pathways

We have three pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry:

Production and Managerial Arts

  • Intro to Digital Media

  • Digital Broadcast

  • Media Projects

Design, Visual, and Media Arts

  • Intro to Digital Media

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital Agency

Performing Arts

  • Dance 1

  • Dance 2

  • Dance 3

Building and Construction Trades

We have one pathway in the Building and Construction Trades Industry:

Cabinetry, Millwork, and Woodwork

  • Wood 1

  • Wood 2

  • Wood 3

Health Science and Medical Technology

We have one pathway in the Health Science and Medical Technology Industry:

Patient Care

  • Introduction to Sports Medicine

  • Advanced Sports Medicine

Hospitality and Tourism

We have two pathways in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry:

Food Services and Hospitality

  • Culinary 1

  • Culinary 2

  • Culinary 3

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation (SRJC articulated)

  • Hospitality

Information and Communication Technology Pathway

We have one pathway in the Information and Communication Industry:

Software and Systems

  • Computer Programming

  • AP Computer Science

Manufacturing and Product Development Pathways

We have two pathways in the Manufacturing and Product Development Industry:

Product Innovation and Design

  • Project Make 1

  • Project Make 2

Graphic Production Technologies

  • Graphic Production Tech 1

  • Graphic Production Tech 2

Other CTE Courses

#ZZ1670- SHOP STEWARD- Grades 10-12

  • Length: Year

  • Credits: 10

  • High School Subject Area: Practical Art or Elective

  • UC Subject Area: None

  • Prerequisites: Wood 1 or Teacher Approval

Shop Stewards will assist the instructor in assuring there is a safe, inviting and efficient work environment. They will certify on all shop equipment, help students with projects and general questions, mill lumber, supervise material and tool management, assist with inventory control, ordering and maintaining a shop budget, repair/sharpen tools, use previous shop experience to provide advice and tips to the other students, track, file and organize paperwork.

#JJ9200- STAGECRAFT TECH- Grades 9-12

  • Length: Year

  • Credits: 10

  • High School Subject Area: Practical Art or Elective

  • UC Subject Area: F

  • Prerequisites: None

This project-based learning course is designed to prepare students in the use of theater and stage production technology. Students interested in set, costume, makeup, lighting and sound design, and set construction should take this course. It is coordinated with the entire Fine Arts Department and affords opportunities to work backstage at performing arts productions. Students also design and build all aspects of the productions.