Analy 2021 Yearbooks

First of all, I would like to thank the 2020-2021 yearbook staff for working hard to capture the memories of this unusual year. None of us have ever experienced a school year like this, I’m thankful our yearbook staff has been able to document these times at Analy this year. Thanks to them, our students will be able to share stories of this year with their children and grandchildren!

We have decided to switch our normal end-of-the-year yearbook delivery to a summer delivery. This means instead of receiving the yearbook prior to school being released for summer break, we will be handing out the yearbooks in the late summer/early fall. This decision was made to allow for a new yearbook experience that will include more events in this ever-changing environment. 

In the late summer/early fall, we hope to be able to have a huge celebration around the yearbook delivery and remember the times of this historic year. If your student will not be at the school next year, we will be in close communication with you on how you will receive your book when it is delivered.

Thank you for your understanding. We want to make sure we cover every single moment of this year for the students at Analy, and with this change, we will be able to deliver just that.