Yellow Sticky Note with Red Tack with Important written

Dear Analy and Laguna Students and Families,

As you have probably heard, today at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, there was a violent altercation involving several students.Tragically, one of the students has passed away and another was injured. Our hearts go out to the students and families at Montgomery.   

This tragic situation is incredibly troubling. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to create a safe campus environment for all of our students and staff.  We have protocols and procedures in place to address issues as they arise.  We work with students who are having conflicts with each other to help come to a resolution.  While we offer counseling and facilitated conversations for students to find common ground with one another, sometimes, we have to take stronger steps in discipline such as suspensions, expulsion in order to keep our campuses as safe as possible. 

Campus safety is our top priority because without it, nothing else matters.  

I invite families and/or students who have questions regarding our safety policies to schedule a meeting with our administration.  

If this event at Montgomery High School is causing students to feel anxious or unsafe at school, we will have school counselors and administrators  ready to meet tomorrow and Friday.  

Thank you for being our partners in education.


Chris Meredith, Superintendent 

Shauna Ferdinandson, Principal Analy High School               

Greg Alexander, Principal Laguna High School