The mission of analy high school is to promote academic and personal success,
responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning in a cooperative environment.

Rich in tradition, academic excellence and student achievement, Analy High School is one of two comprehensive high schools in the West Sonoma County Union High School District. Located fifty miles north of San Francisco in the town of Sebastopol, the school serves 1,130 students from a population area of 50,000 people. Rich in tradition, academic excellence and student achievement, Analy High School has been named to the nation’s “Top High Schools” list by Newsweek Magazine for the past several years. 

A commitment to excellence, our staff and students work together to continue a tradition of high achievement and academic excellence. A recent graduate eloquently stated, “Analy High School is so much more than a building with people. It’s a family with a sense of history, a true community accepting of individual differences where you are expected to do your best, supported when you fail, and encouraged to pursue your goal wherever it may take you.”

Analy teachers take great pride in our school. All of our teachers employ the Common Core Standards in instruction and partake in multiple staff development opportunities during the academic year. Our teachers incorporate technology in the classroom through the use of classroom computers, chromebook labs, and site computer labs. In her first year at Cal Berkeley taking Chemistry 1A, a 2014 graduate wrote to commend her Chemistry teacher stating, “so far, she finds the class very simple. In fact, during a class discussion, she was the only one at her table that understood the topic and was able to assist other students. She attributes her knowledge and understanding to the instruction she received in her AHS Honors Chemistry class.”

Analy offers a seven period, block schedule. This schedule allows us to provide “tutorial” twice a week for students that might need a little extra help. As a result of the seven period schedule, we are able to offer a wide variety of electives. Analy provides a diverse range of courses and electives tailored to each student, including a full range of AP and Honors classes.