Physical Education 9

PE 9 provides the foundation for high school physical education instruction. Students develop proficient movement skills in each area of physical education; they expand their capabilities for independent learning; and they examine practices that allow for sound decision making to enhance successful participation in movement activities. Emphasis is placed on the state mandated Fitnessgram Test. Freshmen students will also participate in health curriculum designed to help students make positive living choices. HIV/AIDS, human sexuality and substance abuse are among the health issues explored in CORE.


Advanced PE will provide a continuation of the foundation for high school instruction (PE 9) with the emphasis more on team and individual sports and strategy. Students develop advanced proficient movement skills geared towards independent learning and lifetime fitness goals.

Advanced conditioning

Advanced Conditioning will provide students an opportunity to improve upon their strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. This course will include cardiovascular fitness and agility training. Advanced Conditioning is focused on high levels of physical fitness and performance. Curriculum design will be geared towards Varsity level athletes.

Alternative Fitness

Alternative Fitness is a course that will emphasize Total Wellness, which will include analyzing individual needs in the areas of strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, agility, and body composition. Activities included: yoga, muscle fitness, and core strengthening. 

Weight Training 1

Weight Training 1 will introduce students to proper training techniques and proper spotting methods for free weights and dumbbells. The course will be offered so the student can develop an appreciation of the components of physical fitness, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Students will participate in creating their own program for their individual needs.