English 9

In this college preparatory class, students may read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Night, excerpts from Homer’s Odyssey, The Fellowship of the Ring, and Of Mice and Men, as well as poetry, short stories and essays. Writing and essay assignments include the autobiographical, evaluative, argumentative, and/or literary analysis essays. Autobiographical essays focus on sensory details to enrich the narrative, and the argumentative, evaluative, and literary essays focus on effective thesis sentences in the introduction paragraph, cohesive body paragraphs with supporting details, cited quotations followed by commentary that reveals and extendsconclusions. Students will also conduct an I-Search or other thorough research project. The 9th grade year includes an introduction to research and Modern Language Association (MLA) documentation as well as attention to oral presentations. 9th graders compile a writing portfolio which will accompany them on their four-year journey through Analy English classes.

English 10

Tenth grade English builds from the previous year in reading and writing. The literature assignments promote the development of reading comprehension and skill. English 10 students continue to focus on analysis, stylistic expression, and citation of supporting details in their writing practice. Core literary selections include: Fahrenheit 451, Into the Wild, Ellen Foster, The Bluest Eye, Lord of the Flies; a Shakespearean play, (Julius Caesar or A Midsummer’s Night Dream); and various short stories, essays & poems from the anthology. A research project is required using Modern Language Association (MLA) format and documentation as shown in the Handbook of Written English. Review of the 9th grade essays precedes introduction of the sophomore core essays: speculation of causes and/or effects, the reflective or evaluative essay & the persuasive essay. Oral presentations, informal & formal, are extended from the 9th grade level. 

English 10A

English 10A is a rigorous course designed for high ability, high achieving sophomore students intending to enter AP level English courses. Literary analysis and development of the essay will be emphasized while students read the core and supplementary texts as well as complete an extensive research project. Activities will include lecture, class discussion and student presentations. A summer reading and writing assignment is required.

English 11

English 11 is a rigorous college prep English class designed to build on the literary study and analysis from 10th grade level. There is an increased focus on rhetorical analysis through the study of texts, speeches, and contemporary argument in addition to American literature, which may include The Crucible, The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried, The Road, 1984, a Shakespearean play (Hamlet, Julius Caesar), and shorter works. Students will practice writing both literary and research essays as well as persuasive speeches, informative presentations, and on-demand writing.

English 12 Expository Reading & Writing

Expository Reading, Writing and Composition (ERWC) prepares students to meet the reading and writing demands of college. Students read a variety of expository, analytical and argumentative texts, and study the link between authors’ arguments, their audience and their purpose. In addition to writing a variety of expository essays, students continue to develop research and documentation skills through several synthesis essays. In addition to several short pieces of non-fiction, students read works of fiction from the following: Beowulf, Grendel, In Cold Blood, Frankenstein, Heart of Darkness, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Catcher in the Rye, and a play by Shakespeare (Macbeth or Taming of the Shrew). Grammar, mechanics and style will be emphasized in the context of paper revision.

Food, Film & media

This college prep. English course focuses on the role of media; film, television, news, media, and technology, in the world today and uses seminal texts of literature to further analyze media and media influence. Literature is used as the source material along with new media as the basis for the study of literary devices such as theme, satire, point of view, tone, as well as the use of figurative devices. The study of reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening as outlined in the California Common Core State Standards is covered. This course may be taken to satisfy the third or fourth year of English Language graduation requirement.

Advanced placement english literature

This course is designed to instruct students in the basics of formal written and oral literary analysis through application and analysis of literary strategies and modes. Students will explore different types of writing: poetry, short fiction, the novel, and plays. Some possible texts to read include Invisible Man, The Heart of Darkness, The Handmaid’s Tale, The importance of Being Earnest, and a Shakespearian play.

AP Capstone seminar

This course, a prerequisite to AP Research, requirement for the AP Capstone Diploma Program is designed to instruct students in the foundations and frameworks of original research. Students will explore quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research design. Students will design, implement, and present original research in both partner and individual formats. Seniors may take this course as an elective course, space permitting. However, they will not be eligible for a Capstone diploma.


The AP English Language and Composition course targets evidence-based analytic and argumentative writing and the rhetorical analysis of fiction and nonfiction texts such as articles, essays, speeches, and contemporary media. Students learn the basics of argument analysis and construction while researching contemporary issues and current events in preparation for classroom debates and symposiums. In addition, students are coached extensively on how to be successful in on-demand writing situations such as SAT and AP exams. Non-fiction readings are complemented by the study of two or more works of fiction. Students are required to take the AP Language and Composition test in May. If passed, the test provides students with college credit in English at the discretion of the evaluating college or university. This course may be taken one time in lieu of English 11 or English 12.

AP capstone research

This course, requirement for the AP Capstone Diploma Program, and College Preparatory Elective/Interdisciplinary, is designed to allow students to conduct a year-long original research project. Students will employ quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research design. Students will design, implement, and present original research as a individual format.

ELD grammar

This class is for students who continue to take the CELDT English test because of languages other than English spoken at home. This course is also available to foreign exchange students who need language development. In this class, students work on English grammar, reading and short essay writing. Work is designed to specifically address each student at their own level of English. This class is similar to a workshop, and homework is rarely assigned.