pen and paper with a message from your school board

To All Members of the West Sonoma County Union High School District,

We write to inform you that tonight the Board of Education took action to remove Toni Beal from the position of Superintendent, effective immediately. We believe that our school community requires a change in leadership that will help us move toward a shared purpose of service to students and staff. 

At this time, we welcome Dr. Donald Evans to our organization. The former superintendent in the Berkeley Unified School District and an education professional with 35 years of experience, Dr. Evans will serve as a short-term interim superintendent, helping support smooth operations.  He has a calm confidence and rock solid understanding of public school operations. 

During this time, the Board intends to secure a longer-term interim, who will help us conclude the school year and prepare for the 2022-23 school year.  We are grateful to Dr. Evans for stepping up to help us while we conduct this search, as we did not want a leadership void to place additional operational and administrative burdens on our lean District staff or our school administration. 

We realize that transitions and change are not always easy, but there are times when you must lean into and end an issue in order to bring about resolution.  We believe there are better days ahead for our schools and school community, and we must find the leader who will help chart the course to make this vision of community, shared goals and purpose and a commitment to put students first a reality.

For now, we thank you for joining us in welcoming Dr. Evans. We will keep you informed regarding our next steps to secure a longer-term interim, someone who will join our special school community and help us heal.



Patrick Nagle, Board President

Jeanne Fernandes, Vice President

Julie Aiello, Clerk

Kellie Noe, Trustee